I've just noticed something about One Piece; All of its arcs are about regaining a freedom. From the very first episode that Luffy frees Coby to the latest arc where they try to free Sanji.

Luffy is looking for the ultimate freedom: The freedom from all kinds of authorities. He just wants to do whatever he likes and he realised that the best way of doing this is to be the strongest authority in the sea.. The Pirate King! Although he doesn't give a rat's ass about the title itself or the power that comes with that title, and that's why we all love Luffy. :)

On that note, the crew themselves were freed by Luffy in one way or another. Here's the way I see it:

  • Zoro: Freed from prison, still captive to his promise to his old friend though...
  • Nami: Freed from debt.
  • Usopp: Freed from living a lie, and I'm not sure if there's more to this to come.
  • Sanji: In the latest arc we see that he'll be freed from his evil family ties.
  • Chopper: Freed from racism and superficiality.
  • Robin: Freed from her false reputation, injustice and government's greed.
  • Frraaaanky (Cutty Flam): Freed from guilt over the arrest and death of Tom-san.
  • Brook: Freed from Moria and his darkness (yohohohohoo)
  • Jinbie: Freed from his responsibilities... Well, let's see if he actually can go against Big Mom... 'XD

Lastly, let's talk about Ace... Yes he ended up dying, but Luffy kinda freed Ace from his self loathsomeness (what a word LOL) and parental stigma... Ace's last words reflects how he thought that he wasn't worth anything before this incident due to being Gol D. Roger's son. His death scene quite an Emotional one.

But not as emotional as the scene when Luffy expresses his gratitude to Going Marry as they burn it. That scene did make me shed tears... and want a Going Marry figurine (Wink wink)

That's it for this Piece: The Story of Freedom ..


Have fun!