Frank Walker: Well, Miss Newton, you want to tell our recruiters what they're looking for?

Casey Newton: Dreamers... we are looking for dreamers. Those who will feed the right wolf.

Yesterday I had a great time watching Tomorrowland on Netflix. It really resonated with me. A movie about innovation and new ideas with a smart hint about what is wrong with this world. Before you continue reading, I have to warn you, there might be spoilers in this post.

One of my favorite ideas in that movie is about hope. About how we should not submit to the negativity that hovers as a possibility for our future, but rather we should keep dreaming about a better future and work to make it happen... and that got me thinking about my life right now.

I have recently went through a change of heart. I don't know why, but I can't feel motivated towards anything. It's like I subconsciously gave up on my dreams. This movie helped me realize that I actually been fighting hard to stay hopeful among all the people who kept saying "it's not possible", "you can't ..", "no body will accept you..." ... I kept saying "I can, it's foolish but it's not impossible".. but then I just couldn't go on.. I used to have that person who I felt that I shared those foolish hopes with, but I don't feel that anymore. I feel that they "grew up" and submitted to the majority of people who plan realistically based on better possibilities. Struggling alone is just not easy .. but after watching that movie, I think that I should keep going.. maybe one day I'll find people who still share those stupid impossible dreams and things will be happier..till then I leave you with Athena's dying words...

"Dreamers need to stick together."